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It's a vegan world

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Sonoma, California, US: Vegan salami - made by sisters - is set to rival America's biggest plant-based meat brands
New to the US is Renegade Foods (, which crafts premium organic salamis made entirely from plants. Boasting charcuterie-style goodies including the Smoked Calabrian-Style Soppressata, Sweet Italian Toscana and Spicy Spanish-Style Chorizo, each product packs superfoods and 18g protein per serving.

Chef-made in Sonoma wine country, all recipes are influenced by the founders' time living and working abroad in southern Europe. Their mission: 'Renegade Foods empowers communities with more considerate food choices that support the earth and every animal that calls it home. They're developing and supporting a powerful shift towards a more compassionate, sustainable, and convenient food option'.

Renegade Foods has also recently launched its first exclusive subscription membership service called Renegade Nation. Designed for foodies, members of Renegade Nation will receive on a monthly or seasonal basis, its three smoked, European-style salamis. In addition, members will get a free limited release salami each season.


India: Vegan bag brand going from strength to strength
For four years, proudly Indian vegan bag brand, Zouk (, has been growing in popularity across the country. A fully vegan and cruelty free brand from the very beginning, Zouk have built a large customer base and have recently raised a seed round of funding from the Titan Capital and founders of Beardo and Mamaearth. This has allowed them to grow fast in a very short time.

Talking to plant-powered Indian media organisation, Vegan Indians, the founders, Disha Singh and Pradeep Krishnakumar, say: \"Zouk's four-year journey has seen a few things change while some remaining constant from day one. Right from the beginning, we believed in building a 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free brand. That took some time to take off but now customers love us for being a responsible brand. This has happened because of the love we got from the early adopters in the market, who gave a young digital brand like ours a chance. They also spread the word amongst their friends and family, which tremendously helped us reach a customer base of 40,000. When we started, we were the first ones and we kept thinking if customers would support us. They have done that, which has nudged others to follow suit. But apart from being the early one, our products truly help us stand out. The entire process from designing a new product to making them has helped ensure the highest quality. Our customers love the Indian prints and the fact that we focus on the functionality of the product too.\" (


Australia: Country's largest supermarket chain releases new vegan cheese and meat-alternatives
Woolworths, Australia's leading supermarket chain, has just launched six new vegan products, created by Australian-owned and operated brands Made With Plants and PlantAsia.

The exciting new additions include Made With Plants dairy-free shredded cheddar, parmesan, and cheeseburger sauce. PlantAsia's new offerings include succulent vegan Pork Ribs with Plum Sauce, Tender Beef and Satay Chicken Skewers - all plant-based and vegan-friendly.

These new products will be available at nearly all of Woolworths' 1,000 locations around the country and will help vegan food to become even more accessible throughout.


Hawaii, US: Cosmetics animal testing ban passed final vote
Hawaii has passed the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, making it the fifth US state to introduce a cosmetic animal testing ban. This will restrict the sale of all newly tested cosmetics in the state, although not existing products.

Hawaii joins California, Illinois, Nevada and Virginia in implementing the restriction, although it was one of the first to actually consider the legislation to curb cosmetic animal testing.

Back in 2018, senator Mike Gabbard first introduced the Hawaii Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, and has reintroduced it every year since then. Thankfully, this time, House Majority Leader, representative Della Au Belatti's companion bill in the House joined Gabbard's.

Gabbard commented on the state's decision: \"People in Hawaii and across the nation care about animals and are increasingly looking for cosmetic products that are cruelty-free. By moving forward with this legislation, we are doing the right thing without sacrificing the necessary product testing needed to protect human health.\"


Madrid, Spain: Plant-based meat brand Heura wins legal battle against meat industry
Back in November 2020, vegan company Heura ( put up a controversial billboard in central Madrid, that read, 'One hamburger pollutes more than your car'. The billboard's location allowed it to be seen by thousands of people each day but was taken down after just one month.

Heura was entered into a legal battle with the Spanish meat industry, which argued that the vegan brand's claims were misleading and inaccurate.

But, at the end of April 2021, the court rejected the meat industry's arguments, ruling that: 'Heura's advertising messages have a scientific basis and are extracted from scientific reports and studies issued by prestigious publications and organisations, such as Science, Nature or FAO'.

This outcome means that Heura has won this battle against the meat industry and can continue with its mission to create solutions that make the current food system obsolete and accelerate the transition to a world where animals can live free from harm.

In a statement sent to Vegan Life, Bernat Añaños, co-founder of Heura, said: \"The dismissal of the precautionary measures by the justice system is a great step for everyone; information is power, and awareness is transformative. People tend to underestimate the great positive impact that we can have on the world with small gestures. We are thrilled to be able to continue contributing via awareness and citizen empowerment. We must celebrate the decision as yet another opportunity to open dialogue and build a future of sustainable food.\"



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