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It's a vegan world

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China: Two new vegan meat brands to be launched in the country by LIVEKINDLY Collective
China is getting two innovative new plant-based brands tailored to the population's culinary preferences - Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken. The new offerings are LIVEKINDLY Collective's first developed-in-house brands, following nearly two years of fund-raising to aid its international expansions - the move exemplifies the company's success within the plant-based sphere as it continues to acquire and develop new vegan brands and products.

Giggling Pig and Happy Chicken feature seven products, including dumplings, seasoned mince and several mushroom based dishes. Every dish - all now available across mainland China - provides a modern take on heritage cuisine.

US: Wicked Kitchen achieves $14 million series A funding to help the brand expand in America
UK vegan favourite, Tesco's Wicked Kitchen ( created by plant-based chefs, Chad and Derek Sarno, is expanding into the American market, following a successful $14 million Series A funding round.

First launching in collaboration with Tesco in 2018, Wicked Kitchen has seen unprecedented success, and now the chef brothers are keen to take their brand to an American consumer base that research shows is hungry to include more vegan foods in their diet.

Wicked Foods CEO, Pete Speranza, comments: \"This funding supports the next giant leap in growth and adoption of the Wicked Kitchen product line - a journey that will span the globe.


As was demonstrated by Tesco, the UK's largest supermarket chain, the breadth of offerings Wicked Kitchen brings to market allows motivated regional retail partners to commit to multi cross-category adoption. What Wicked brings into the US will be unlike anything else that has come before it in the plant-based space.\"

With an assortment of delicious products including vegan ready meals, burgers, sauces, meal kits, pestos and sausages, the US market has lots to look forward to.


Lincolnshire, UK: New potato protein extraction facility will make vegan meat out of spuds
In Lincolnshire, work has begun on a new £6 million potato protein extraction plant, which will be used to extract high grade protein from potatoes. The British company behind the mission, Branston (, is working with B-hive innovations as part of an innovative project to improve potato crop utilisation.

The factory, which is the first of its kind in the UK, will see the use of bespoke technologies and resources to help the UK meet its ever-rising demand for UK-grown vegan ingredients. Low-grade potatoes will be converted into clean-label, functional protein for use in veggie and vegan foods.

Squamish, Canada: Vegan lifestyle company PlantX opens its first brick-and-mortar 1,700 sq. ft store
Dubbed the 'vegan Amazon', PlantX was founded by plant-powered entrepreneur Sean Dillinger in 2020. Now, the vegan lifestyle brand is building its first store in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. The megastore will stock a variety of vegan groceries and wellness products, and the brand will also continue to trade online, offering meal delivery options, recipes, house plants and a vegan restaurant locator.


Dollinger hopes that the 1,700 square foot store will help to hasten its efforts to \"cultivate connections between plant-based vendors and customers around the world\" (

Back in January of this year, PlantX also procured PlantX Living Squamish Inc, which was formerly known as Score Enterprises Ltd. The newly acquired 15,000-square-foot commercial space includes eating venues, like the Locavore Bar and Grill, Cloudburst Café, and Locavore Food Truck.


Singapore: Burger King introduces first ever Plant Based Whopper nationwide
Singaporean fast food loving diners will be excited by the news that the country's Burger King restaurants will now serve up Plant Based Whoppers. The vegan burger patty in question is made by popular global veggie brand, the Vegetarian Butcher (

The addition to Singapore's menus follows Burger King's introduction of vegan meat-based options in a number of countries, including in the US, Mexico, Canada, Latin America, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Europe.

Although the patty is vegan, Burger King continues to serve it alongside its conventional toppings, like egg-based mayonnaise. The chain also cooks the patty next to animal-based dishes including traditional beef. Customers can request for the mayo to be omitted, but there is no guarantee when requesting zero cross-contamination with non-vegan products.

Yet, the news marks a great step for veganism, seeing plant based burgers spread further around the world, hopefully changing people's opinions of veganism and increasing the accessibility of plant-based foods.


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