Two Jailed In Connection To Horsemeat Scandal

Two meat suppliers have wound up behind bars for their respective roles in the horsemeat scandal.

Andronicos Sideras and Ulrik Nielsen have both been jailed, and their supplier, Alex Beech, has been handed a suspended sentence.

Sideras was jailed for four years and six months for fraud, whilst Nielsen received a slightly shorter term of three years and six months for his role in the plan to mix horsemeat with beef and sell it on.

The pair conspired to defraud consumers by labelling the horsemeat and beef combination as simply beef, in order to raise their profit margins.

FlexiFoods, Nielsen’s company, would deliver both horsemeat and beef to Dinos and Sons, Sideras’ London-based company.

With paperwork and labels falsified to disguise the mixed meat as solely beef, the product was sold to food manufacturers who produce everyday products for the supermarkets.

The plan was exposed when food inspectors found horse identification chips within supermarket ready meals.

The horses in question were identified as Trak and Wiktor from Poland and Carnesella Lady from Galway in Ireland.

The fraud meat involved weighed up to around 30 tonnes of horsemeat, and 20 tonnes of this was bound for the food chain, according to police.


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