Meet the team: Julie Saunders

Name: Julie Saunders
Job Title: Managing Director

When did you become vegetarian then vegan?
I went Vegetarian in 1993 and Vegan in 2012.

What influenced your change to veggie then vegan?
One spring morning I saw lots of young lambs playing in a field, jumping and having fun. I watched them grow over the next few months until one day I noticed they had gone. The mothers were desperately calling out trying to locate them, of course they had gone to market.  It was so upsetting I had to do something, I decided then to go vegetarian. In 2012 I started receiving graphic emails from my daughter about the dairy and egg industry and I must admit I didn’t fully appreciate what the animals went through. That was the turning point.

Do you have a role model? If so, who?
James Cromwell. James’ transition to vegan was similar in some ways to my own, recognising while on the set of “Babe” the intelligence and inquisitive personalities of pigs and that these creatures have a capacity for love, joy and sorrow. Since 1995 when Babe was first screened, James has been on an animal crusade and is hard core vegan.

Favourite meal: Chilli, rice and garlic bread. I also love Valsoia “Magnum” ice cream.

Foods I dislike: Olives, tomatoes, aubergine and most definitely okra.

Something else about me:
I have to have order in my life and am very organised, running an events and publishing business I have to be.  I believe that just good enough is not good enough so I am a stickler for detail. I don’t like to conform, and have a rebellious nature.


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