Kat Von D blasts ‘vegan police’ after faux fur criticism

Celebrity tattoo artists Kat Von D has hit back at critics of her faux fur coat branding them ‘vegan police’.


The star, who has her own make-up line, was criticised after wearing the fluffy red outfit, with one detractor claiming the garment ‘sends a bad message’. Another said: “Fake fur sends a bad message,” and yet another wrote: “Even if it’s fake, you’re still saying that wearing fur is OK.”


But Kat Von D denied any wrongdoing, saying: “Know this, I WOULD RATHER SLIT MY OWN THROAT BEFORE WEARING ANIMAL-DERIVED FUR. You will never catch me wearing fur, leather, wool, down, silk or any other form of fabric that causes unnecessary, horrific suffering to an animal.


“For those of you who think wearing faux fur sends the wrong message, I strongly disagree. As someone who owns a makeup line, a tattoo shop, and is creating a shoe line, I think it’s vitally important to show the world that there are substitutes for animal-derived products that are just as good, if not BETTER – and don’t require the death of innocent beings.”


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