Name: Keith Coomber
Job Title: Publishing Director

When did you become vegetarian then vegan?
I went vegetarian in 2000 and vegan in 2012.

What influenced your change to veggie then vegan?
Shortly after my father died from colon cancer, my brother-in-law gave me some information on the “Fight or Flight” reaction animals have when they are faced with danger or death. I made a connection between to two and that made me think about my own health. My daughter was the catalyst to go vegan, she’d made the jump a few months before and although I remember telling her it was going to be difficult she explained just how dairy cows and chickens are exploited. Backed up with a few insightful videos on you tube, I understood the compassion she had. How wrong I was about it being hard to go vegan.

Do you have a role model? If so, who?
Joaquim Phoenix. I believe he has helped thousands of people go vegan from his involvement with Earthlings and I’d like to help many more make that change.

Favourite meal: At the moment it’s tofu laksa with carrot and courgette noodles. My favourite desert is the apple crumble cheesecake in issue 1 of Vegan Life Magazine.

Something else about me:
I don’t like giving up and am very competitive. I raced cars when I was 11 years old, have skydived, flown planes and gliders, sailed, scuba dived, and have abseiled and paraglided amongst other things. I absolutely love cooking and with 20,000+ edible plants to choose from, food is heaven.

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