Kirly-Sue's Vegan Kitchen – new cooking show debuts on Amazon Prime Video

A brand new vegan cooking show – Kirly-Sue’s Vegan Kitchen – has debuted on Amazon Prime Video this week.

Hosted by vegan cook and author, Kirly-Sue (aka Susanne Kirlew), the series highlights how easy it can be to prepare tasty vegan meals using fresh ingredients. It was filmed in the UK and also on location in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and brings together cooking, travel, and a panel of taste-testers.

Kirly-Sue, who is also a succesful YouTuber with over 35,000 subscribers, travels from the UK to Jamaica to see where the food she is using is grown, and how the ingredients are used in local dishes. Back in the UK, she cooks the dishes herself, before asking her non-vegan taste-testers to rate them.

Speaking about the launch of the show, Kirly-Sue said: “This is a good time for a cooking show like this because of the huge interest in there has been in vegan/plant-based cooking. The last couple of years have been great when it comes to the heightened awareness in society of plant-based alternatives.”

The first three episodes can be found on Amazon Prime Video.




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