Large vegetarian food company to veganize ALL their products after activists campaign

Lightlife has committed to veganizing all of its products by the end of 2017 after pressure from activist groups.


Established in 1979, Lightlife’s tagline is “Meat without the Middleman: Made directly from plants, and not the animals that eat them.”


Lightlife’s marketing director, Brad Lahrman, told VegNews:


“Animals or animal byproducts simply aren’t needed to create delicious, healthy, protein-rich food. We’re in the final stages of transitioning our entire portfolio to 100 percent animal-free by adhering to Vegan Action standards. It has been a lengthy process to remove egg whites from a handful of items without changing the taste profile, but we are very close. Being accessible to consumers of all diets is important to the brand.”


Lightlife drastically reduced the use of eggs in their line of vegetarian foods by 166,000 eggs annually following a campaign by activist group Compassion Over Killing a few years ago.


Demand for cruelty-free food has never been so high, more and more companies are following suit. Last year Quorn hinted they may go completely vegan in the future. The CEO of Tyson Foods, also recently stated he knows the future is meatless.


Credit: Rise of the Vegan


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