Laugh Out Loud – Issue 4

We all know the vegan stereotype: underweight, feeble weakling; pallid skin; tie-dye wearing lentil muncher. Yawn.
But wait: what about Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, Anne Hathaway, among many other glitzy Hollywood stars? These amazing girls and movie tough guys defy any boring stereotypes. And then there’s famed singers like the stunning Ellie Goulding.

Oh, what about that other inane stereotype about having no sense of humour? Vegans are so passionate in their campaigning, so angry over animal rights, that there’s no room for any laughs. Rubbish!

Now’s the time to blow away these vacant views (all stereotypes are nonsense anyway, aren’t they?) and boot them into the back of beyond, once and for all. Based on all of the above, here’s my new archetypal vegan: bloody gorgeous, vibrant, and full of fun.

Just because I do eat lentils (yes, I confess, I do!) doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at myself too. Just because I’m mad passionate about fighting cruelty doesn’t mean I don’t like to put my feet up sometimes and stuff my face with fudge, chocolate and ice cream (all vegan friendly, obviously!). I also love watching crap telly programes that make me laugh out loud.

So don’t be shocked when you hear that vegans do have a sense of humour. Laughter is good for the soul, whatever food you put in your mouth.

As it happens, the first all-vegan comedy festival takes place later this month, a showcase of up and coming stand-up talent from around the UK.

Will I be in Brighton when it happens? Goddamit, no I won’t, but only because I’ll be travelling overseas. If I were home though, count me in. There’s nothing better for any vegan than a few good belly laughs surrounded by like-minded (and bloody gorgeous and vibrant) souls.
So think of me sipping coconut juice on a tropical beach in Thailand when you’re in Brighton. On this occasion, I guess I’ll just be laughing to myself. Hope the weather’s okay for you all. Hmm, maybe I’ll be having the last laugh though over in paradise.

The UK Vegan Comedy Festival takes place at VegFest Brighton on March 28-29, 2015


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