Leading environmentalists publish open letter encouraging others to go vegan

On World Environment Day, four leading environmentalists have joined forces with The Vegan Society to encourage environmental supporters to go vegan.

As part of their Plate Up for the Planet campaign, the Vegan Society has published an open letter from George Monbiot, Kerry McCarthy MP, Dale Vince and Jonathan Bartley that addresses other environmentalists who have serious concerns about the future of the planet, to consider going vegan. Monbiot is a writer and activist who writes a weekly column for the Guardian, while Kerry McCarthy is the MP for Bristol East. Dale Vince is the owner of Ecotricity and the chairman of Forest Green Rovers, and Jonathan Bartley is the co-leader of the Green Party. The four have come together to ask people to pledge to a challenge to go vegan for seven days.

In the letter, the four lay out the facts: “Animal farming is a greater contributor to climate change than transport, it’s destroying precious habitats, both here and in the Amazon. It’s a hugely inefficient food choice, giving us only 12 calories back for every 100 we feed to animals. With a vegan diet, we’re cutting our food emissions by up to 50%, halving our land use, and if we all opted for vegan we could feed 3 billion more people.”

They go on to say that “We need to be far more bolder than ‘eating less meat’ if we are to protect our precious planet.”

You can read the full letter here, and sign up for The Vegan Society’s Plate Up for the Planet seven-day challenge here.


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