Let's end the Faroe Islands' dolphin hunts

The Faroe Islands barbaric ‘sport’ of whaling needs to stop



Every summer, the annual whale hunt (the Grindadràp) takes place in the Faroe Islands. Sea Shepherd UK has just launched a campaign to end this needless killing.


Over 850 pilot whales and dolphins are slaughtered at 26 designated killing bays bays around the islands each year – all in the name of tradition and ‘community togetherness’.


The most recent hunt happened just last week, where 23 whales were killed while spectators watched.


So far in 2019, 536 long finned pilot whales and seven Atlantic white sided dolphins have been killed in the Danish Faroe Islands.



faroe island honest poster

‘Visit Faroe’ – an honest poster, by Mark HF


Sea Shepherd is urging for people to put pressure on the Faroese government, by supporting their online campaign to stop the annual whale and dolphin hunts – killing all in the name of ‘sport’.


They are also calling on cruise ship companies to boycott the Faroe Islands until the whale hunting stops.


Zanna van Dijk, Dale Vince (Chairman of Forest Green Rovers) and Sam Carter (lead singer of the Architects) have already shown support for the campaign and are ambassadors of Sea Shepherd UK.


With this combined power, they hope to persuade the cruise companies to stop taking visitors to the Faroe Islands, and the Faroese to stop the Grindadràp.



To help bring an end to this senseless tradition, and to find out more, click here.




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