Lidl to Host Veggie Week – This Week!

If you want to get yourself on some bargain vegan food, head down to Lidl this week. As one of their special weeks, from the 16th August, you can get your hands on a selection of yummy vegan food.

From the old favourites of falafel to vegetable gnocchi and vegan-chicken style pieces, there’s plenty of extra bits you can get hold of. Take is an opportunity to stock up on some staple pieces, such as gluten-free pasta, with the choice of red lentil or chickpea with 250g bags available for only £1.49.

Share this news with fellow vegans, and non-vegans who might be looking to try some new products and incorporate some plant-based options, this is a great place to pick up some bargains.

Be quick, Veggie Week is from 16th August, and stocks run low quickly with their limited edition ranges. You can view some of the items that will be sold here.

Lidl are also beginning to stock 5kg boxes of vegetables for £1.50, to help combat food waste and encourage customers to use veg that otherwise might be left on the shelf.


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