Amazon UK has come under fire from animal rights advocates and PETA for selling live lobsters on their UK site, with calls to stop this practice. They are sold with the purpose to be boiled alive and eaten.

Lobsters are often underestimated as crustaceans that are disposable and pain-resistant but in fact feel pain and are sentient beings, just as domesticated animals and other species are. They are fascinating animals with the ability to taste with their legs, regenerate limbs and chew with their stomachs.

Often regarded as luxury cuisine, lobsters are becoming more affordable and accessible with the budget supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi now stocking frozen lobsters. Amazon UK has taken this to a new level by selling live lobsters online. As Amazon are renowned for selling anything you could imagine, the sale of live lobsters via the internet by a corporate giant like Amazon has not gone down well with many people.

Angry and upset Amazon users have been leaving negative reviews on the listing, describing this as “barbaric” and “disgusting”. Some users in the customer questions and answers section of the listing said that they couldn’t face having to kill the animal.

We are all so used to seeing pre-packaged food that has required no effort by the consumer to prepare, changing the relationship that people have with the food on their plates. As many people who eat meat and fish don’t think about the animal on their plates being alive, this sale of live lobsters on such a modern, accessible platform has swung the attitudes some people have towards their food.

Sign the petition to ask Amazon to stop the sale of live lobsters here.

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