London-Based Restaurant to Host Plant-Based Retreat


The vegan restaurant, Redemption, is famous for serving delicious, plant-based food and an alcohol-free bar.


Now, after years of requests from customers to release a cookery book, restaurant co-founders Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters, have decided to go one step further.


This February, in the beautiful grounds of the historic Hotel Paco de Vitorino, in Portugal, Redemption will begin hosting their week-long luxury cookery retreats.


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In what will be the ultimate treat for the body, mind and soul, the Redemption Cookery Retreat will empower guests with step-by-step vegan cookery classes, giving attendees life-long skills that they can use, long after they’ve returned home.


Making Lasting Changes


With sustainability now at the forefront of most of our minds, many of us desire a delicious, healthy, planet-friendly, plant-based diet. However, this new way of preparing food can feel daunting, so the Redemption Cookery Retreat, led by the award-winning executive chef Andrea Waters, will demonstrate how to live well, whilst making lasting changes.


Co-hosted by nutritional coach, yoga teacher and founder of Dharma Village, Chantal Di Donato, a typical day at the retreat will comprise of yoga, meditation, practical plant-based cooking lessons and communal dining, all inside an incredible Portuguese setting.


Andrea Waters commented: “We know cooking a vegan cuisine can seem quite alien to some, so we’re looking forward to giving our guests the tools to return home feeling refreshed, energized, educated and empowered to cook themselves vegan meals continuing the good work, long after they’ve arrived home.”


With an abundance of delicious fresh local produce, guests will learn how to turn plant-based ingredients into mouth-watering raw desserts, recipes for vegan cheese, fresh tofu and tempeh, as well as home-made nut milk, all in the stunning setting of the northern Portugal countryside.


CEO and co-founder, Catherine Salway, also commented: “We really believe that having hands-on cookery lessons with Andrea will have so much more of a lasting, life-changing effect than simply buying a book. Eating plant-based is quite a learning process but so worth it!”

“The retreat is ideal if you’re looking for a life-changing experience, whether for personal health, career change, or just in need of a really enriching holiday with like-minded souls. You will be immersed in a healthy holistic lifestyle, in beautiful ancient surroundings, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.”


The two-week-long retreats will run from February 8th to 13th and February 15th to 21st priced at £2,499 per person.


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