London Buses Reject PETA Vegan Christmas Advert

An advert by PETA which was initially approved for London Buses has been rejected at the last minute, as they believed it could cause offence. The advert shows a glazed dog’s head on a platter, replacing the traditional choice of turkey, eaten by many for Christmas dinner with the words: “If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Start a new tradition. Go vegan.”

The advert was intended to shock the public and give people something to think about this Christmas as birds are eaten in their millions, encouraging people to make a change and to go vegan. As adverts by many food retailers feature cooked turkeys and other birds, the rejection of this advert has led to confusion as to why it would offend large numbers of people, but a cooked turkey wouldn’t.

PETA wanted to make the public think about the animals people are eating at Christmas, highlighting that the offensive part is that turkeys and dogs both have the capacity to feel pain, yet one is deemed to be of less importance than the other in the eyes of many of the Great British public.

The work PETA do to bring light to the issues of animal farming, includes educating people on how their meat is really farmed. Turkeys are bred to have large breasts, meaning they are unable to mate and have a limited ability to walk.

Do you think that they should have allowed the advert to be placed on the side of London buses? Do you think it would have left a lasting impression with the public? Let us know your thoughts.


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