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London café completely ditches dairy after watching YouTube video

Owners of a popular London café have decided to completely stop using dairy and are displaying a notice prominently in their window explaining why.


Kentish Town based café, The Field’s Beneath is ranked as one of the best cafes in London according to The notice reads:


This is the last week we shall be buying, steaming and pouring cow’s milk into our espressos. We have the following alternatives:
OAT milk will be charged at the same price as cow’s milk, the others at 30p more as we’ve always done.
For three days from Friday this poster will be replaced with one explaining why. If you’re not going to be here for it, search on YouTube for the following five minute video:
We didn’t think it was either.


The video the notice refers to is by Erin Janus – ‘Dairy is Scary’, which has amassed over 1.6 million views accurately shows in detail how the dairy industry operates.


Please help by supporting the Field’s Beneath Café.


Credit: Rise of the Vegan

Picture Credit: Field’s Beneath

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