London to welcome UK’s first vegan members’ club this summer

Looking to connect with like minded vegans and plant-based businesses? Look no further!


From next month, The BRIGHT Club, created by the team behind BRIGHT Zine, will be opening its doors to vegan members in Hackney Road, East London.


Members will be able to access a private co-working space, along with exclusive events hosted throughout the year, including talks, panels, networking days, social gatherings and yoga clubs.


The BRIGHT Club’s mission is to, ‘Support and nurture vegan businesses through networking, co-working and collaboration in order to create a hub for London’s vegan community based on ethical and sustainable values’.


Club Membership


BRIGHT’s membership is only available to, ‘Individuals that are vegan, or businesses that are in some way supporting veganism’. If someone is interested in membership, they can apply online where their application will be checked out by the team.


There will be three membership tiers, each with different levels of access to the club, events and a variety of perks.


Successful applicants, who align with BRIGHT’s values and mission, will be able to rent the event spaces, and members and non-members will be able to access events hosted there.


The innovative club are especially keen on helping young vegan start-ups to flourish, giving them the tools that they need to expand and develop their business further. In particular, BRIGHT will help connect start-ups with potential investors, like BRAN Investments, which invested in BRIGHT, allowing them to open up the space.


Respectably, only vegan products and food will be able to be consumed or served in The BRIGHT Club, just as in The BRIGHT Store. This will be the same for all events run by BRIGHT Zine Ltd, as well as to all members or outside companies hiring the event space.


Furthermore, all members are kindly asked to practice sustainable practices within BRIGHT’s spaces, and will be supported by BRIGHT Zine Ltd in achieving this.


‘Driving the movement’


Laura Callan, founder of BRIGHT, says: “I created BRIGHT Zine after a decade of veganism, to shine a light on the amazing things people are doing.”


“As the vegan community has grown over recent years we thought it would be incredible to have a space to nurture the community and support vegan businesses. So the idea of The BRIGHT Club was born!”


Manish Karani, Investment Advisor to BRAN Investments, adds: “We are extremely excited to be supporting BRIGHT Zine on the next phase of their journey.”


“We feel we have built an investment portfolio of some of the market leading vegan businesses across the UK, and we are excited to invest in more of these. We believe The BRIGHT Club will be a great platform for plant based businesses to further excel and continue to drive the movement.”


The BRIGHT Club, opening June 2019, will be situated at the same location as the ethical lifestyle store and vegan café, The BRIGHT Store.