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Lotus Heart Sanctuary celebrates rescued cows ‘Saved From Slaughter Anniversary’

Not only was Prince the cow saved five years ago by Lotus Heart Sanctuary, but today, he also celebrates his 7th birthday

Lotus Heart Sanctuary is celebrating their first ever rescues’ five-year ‘Saved From Slaughter Anniversary’. The massive Holstein Friesian bullock is the son of a dairy cow and was saved from slaughter on November 13th 2016, and just two days later on November 15th it’s time for more celebrations because it is Prince’s 7th birthday!


It is all very fitting as November 1st was, of course, World Vegan Day and November itself is World Vegan Month. Back in 2016 veganism wasn’t quite what it is in 2021, but it didn’t stop Prince’s story being well covered by TV, BBC Radio, press and endless social media.


lotus heart sanctuary


Prince has his own social media with his Jack Russell brother Nipper; and because of these two amazing advocates, the vision of Lotus Heart Sanctuary actually became a reality; in 2021 Lotus opened its field gates to the public on 76 acres of croft land on the Isle of Skye! They have a mini herd of eight rescued cattle with Prince at the helm as lord of the manor.


There is no doubt that Prince is one of the biggest (if not thee biggest) bullocks in the UK, his size is an endless source of conversation and fascination - people actually approach the sanctuary to ask if they can have a photo of Prince as people are mesmerised by the bullocks’ size.



Lotus also have a little flock of rescued sheep, with an ewe who truly believes she’s a cow; she’s known as “Tara the woolly coo”! There are also dogs, and two cats joining the furry family this month. The name of each animal mean something special and important to Lynn at Lotus (unless they already were named before arrival).


The animals have an outstanding purpose built shed which even features hand painted murals and placards previously used in activism, all of which is sending out the right messages to everyone who visits!


There are the four vegan Camping pods on the land to generate income for the sanctuary; they opened on July 1st this year and they were fully booked all season and received impeccable reviews!



You can wish Prince a Happy Five Year Saved From Slaughter Anniversary and Happy 7th Birthday via the Lotus social media @LotusHeartSanctuary




Photos by Simon Holding


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