Marmite — Love It Or Hate It, You Were Born That Way

A breakthrough clinical trial shows that whether you love or hate Marmite is down to your DNA. According to scientists at DNAFit, there are 15 genetic markers which are linked to your marmite taste preference.

The Marmite Gene Project recruited over 250 healthy adults, male and female, from across the UK. The participants had to hold Marmite on their tongues for ten seconds whilst filling out a questionnaire. Swabs were then taken from their mouth to obtain the DNA samples.

Thomas Roos, Principal Investigator of The Marmite Gene project, said: “Our research indicates that Marmite taste preference can in large parts be attributed to our genetic blueprint, which shows that each of us is born with a tendency to be either a ‘lover’ or a ‘hater’. Our data reveals that there are multiple genes that contribute towards this, and it is a really exciting discovery.”

If you want to find out more about the science behind The Marmite Gene project, the scientific White Paper is available on the DNAFit website. Gene Test Kits are also available to buy from so you can see if you were born a Marmite lover or hater.



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