Vegan Chocolate Company LoveRaw Win Big at Award Ceremony

Vegan Chocolate Company LoveRaw Win Big at Awards

The vegan chocolate company LoveRaw won a major title at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards) 2020



Rimi & Manav Thapar, co-founders of LoveRaw®


It’s great news for veganism – delicious vegan chocolate company LoveRaw has been awarded the title of Family Business Entrepreneurs of the Year at a major ceremony.


The creators of the pioneering vegan chocolate brand beat non-vegan companies and other competition for the prestigious award, showing that vegan brands can and are finally being recognised as being as good as non-vegan companies (and better!).


Having won the same title (alongside ‘Great British Entrepreneurs of the Year’) for the North West region back in September, co-founders of LoveRaw and husband and wife Rimi and Manav Thapar received the award at the virtual National Finals on Tuesday 8th December.


Who are LoveRaw?




Founded in the couples’ kitchen in 2013, LoveRaw set out with humble beginnings and a budget of just £600.


Now, the game-changing brand renowned for its delicious confectionery treats offers a range of decadent chocolate snacks (that contain no artificial nonsense) to both vegans and non-vegans alike.


Working to the mantra ‘chocolate first, vegan second’, LoveRaw’s recently launched M:lk® Choc Bar range positioned the company as the first in the industry to produce a 100 per cent vegan milk chocolate bar that tastes like ‘chocolate chocolate’, beating market leaders like Cadbury to the challenge.


‘Rollercoaster Year’




Rimi Thapar, CEO of LoveRaw, said: “Wow, we honestly did not expect to make it this far! If there was one award that best describes us it would be this one.”


“Family is embedded in our business – not just in the blood sense, but we see our team and suppliers as extended family.”


“We were up against some great brands, so we are super proud to have received the award. It feels good to stop and take a moment to acknowledge our achievements.”


Manav Thapar, managing director of LoveRaw, added: “We were beyond honoured to win the regional title at the North West awards but to take home the National award is something else.”


“We are dedicating it to all the other family businesses who have done everything they can to keep going throughout 2020 in what has been a rollercoaster of a year.”


Now in its eighth year, the Great British Entrepreneur Awards (in partnership with Starling Bank) celebrate the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs across the UK, recognising the hard work, determination, creativity and resilience required to rise above the rest.


Francesca James, Founder of the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, said: “I want to send my warmest congratulations to Rimi and Manav. They have a wonderful story and while the standard of competition this year has been fierce, they show that brilliant things can be done when you work together with family.”


Exciting Year

Despite the global pandemic, 2020 has been an exciting year for LoveRaw®. Alongside a major re-brand, the Altrincham based company launched not one, but two new ranges including its Cre&m® Wafer Bar (effectively emulating a classic confectionery favourite), and more recently introduced a number of festive selection boxes to market, just in time for Christmas.


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