Lucy Watson and her family are opening a vegan restaurant, which is set to be open in April. Both Lucy and her sister Tiff are passionate vegans, with this being the driving force behind their business ventures with Lucy’s Feed Me Vegan cookbook, and Tiff’s vegan leather journal and stationary business, Threesixfive.

The new restaurant, called Tell Your Friends is being opened with their father, Clive Watson, known for owning a number of pub chains over the years and currently owns City Pub Company. As the sisters went to their father for advice, they decided to work on the project together, and hope to open several locations across the country, and are setting their sights on overseas locations.

The site of Tell Your Friends is at a former Strada restaurant in Parson’s Green, and hope to use a downstairs room to host talks, events and yoga classes. With a combined following of over 2 million people between the Watson sisters, and the market for vegan restaurants and food outlets increasing, Tell Your Friends is a welcomed addition to the restaurant scene.


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