Lucy Watson's New Ready Meal Range

Made in Chelsea star and vegan entrepreneur Lucy Watson, is taking her passion for vegan food a step further by announcing that she will be launching a new range of vegan ready meals.

Lucy already has two cookbooks out called ‘Feed Me Vegan’ and ‘Feed Me Vegan – For all Occasions’ and her ready meals, also called ‘Feed Me Vegan’, will feature three different meals including a Shepherd’s Pie, a chilli and a curry. They will be available in Waitrose stores from the 3rd October.

Lucy’s Instagram account is full of food orientated images and she clearly has a passion for animals and vegan food, so the announcement she made on her Instagram account 1 day ago is exciting news for vegans and hopefully non-vegan Lucy Watson fans alike.

We have recently seen a rise in the range of vegan ready meals that are becoming available in leading supermarkets including the Wicked range in Tesco’s and the Love Your Veg range in Sainsbury’s. Most major supermarket’s also have their own dairy-free cheese and free from sections now, that they seem to be expanding on almost a monthly basis.

There’s no doubt about it, vegan food is becoming a welcome epidemic – lets hope it’s contagious.


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