A Lush Christmas – Cruelty Free Sparkle

By Gabrielle Gorringe


If you’re searching for exciting vegan-friendly gifts for friends and family then look no further than Lush’s Christmas range. Their products are always 100 per cent vegetarian, around 70 per cent vegan, fresh, handmade and cruelty free. But this year it’s a delight to discover that the 2017 Christmas range is purely vegan! Ethical gifting for 2017 is sorted.

Lush has surpassed itself this year with a huge variety of scents, ranging from the fresh and fruity ‘Golden Pear’ soap (which smells more ‘pear’ than an actual pear!), to the soothing floral ‘Rose Jam’ shower gel, and the invigorating mint of ‘Salt and Peppermint Bark’ body scrub. And, of course, the staple ‘Snow Fairy’ is back again for 2017 but this time in various guises – solid, liquid, shimmer and soap.

With playful takes on traditional themes, the Christmas range reinvents the usual ‘red, green and gold’ festive colour scheme. Even strict traditionalists are catered to; the ‘Tree-D’ bath oil, with its toy-like structure, and cola-scented ‘Santa’s Christmas’ creamy shower gel are bound awaken memories of gleeful childhood Christmases.

Shiny, new and innovative ‘Naked Products’ are a great addition for Christmas this year, furthering the brands ethical stance by removing the need for packaging. The eco-conscious will be pleased to hear that all packaged products in the Christmas range now have a naked counterpart.

  • Solid shower gels – Just add water. Comparing very well to Lush’s liquid varieties (both scent wise and bubble-a-bility) these are an especially thoughtful gift for those that travel – no risk of a plastic bottle leaking, and no liquid allowance limits to worry about!
  • Solid body conditioners –A moisturising step in the shower. Particularly good for preventing dry skin this winter!
  • Sparkle jars – A two-in-one timesaver for parties and festive occasions. Inside a solid container, made from silky cocoa butter, hides glimmery dusting powder for sprinkling.

Eco-friendly packaging is thoughtfully considered this year. Bath bomb trays, made from recycled pulp, for great for presenting a hand-picked gift selection in. Naked products, tied up with reusable knot wraps, reduces Christmas wrapping waste and ticks the environmentally considerate box. Even Lush’s timesaving, pre-wrapped gift boxes (filled with complementary products) are conscious of being green, buffering their contents with bio-degradable starch packing nuggets.


Lush’s ethical products and messages have a growing popularity and reach a global audience with over 1000 shops worldwide. Available both online and instore, Lush’s vegan products are clearly labelled, removing the guesswork (and the time-consuming process of skimming through product ingredient lists many vegans are used to!).

Whether speaking about the brand with seasoned customers, introducing a friend to Lush, or even trialling a new product yourself for the first time, things aren’t always what they seem. There’s something mysteriously exciting about Lush. Bath bombs with hidden colours and glitters turn a tub of water into a vibrant work of art. Fresh blocks of soap reveal hidden shapes and patterns when cut. With Lush’s handmade and cruelty free gits, a surprising and magical Christmas 2017 awaits.


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