Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson to release cookbook

Former Made in Chelsea star and passionate vegan Lucy Watson is set to release a vegan cookbook later this year.

Lucy started her vegan journey in 2015, having been vegetarian from the age of 5. She is a Peta ambassador and RSPCA campaigner, as well as having launched her own cruelty-free make-up range, Basic Bitch.

According to the reality starlet, the book, Feed Me Vegan, is ‘packed with comforting, easy-to-make and totally delicious recipes, Feed Me Vegan will show that you can be vegan and still have your cake (and mac and cheese, and lasagne, and pancakes) and eat it’.

With a massive 85 recipes, the book features all meals from breakfast to supper – as well as sweet treats and snacks.

Lucy says: “I’ve been working on this book for months and I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about it with everyone! The recipes are truly delicious and I’m sure it will disassociate the “healthy salad” stigma that comes with following a vegan diet. I wanted to give you all the vegan alternatives to your favourite meals to make veganism seem much more inviting.”


Photo credit: Mike English


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