Issue 79 January 2022

Vegan Life Magazine

Hello January 2022

hello january

Why am I Vegan? January 2022

Why am I Vegan

January 2022 Vegan news

January 2022 Vegan news

3 of the best…vegan milkshakes

vegan milkshakes

3 ways to eat… Vegan Japanese

vegan Japanese

Hownd vegan dog food

hownd vegan dog food

Follow me Socially – January 2022

WIN: A Vogue Beds Double Vegan Helix Mattress worth £750

Over to you – January 2022

Vegan Life meets… Niki Webster

Niki Webster

Ask the experts – Vegan Fish Alternatives

fish alternative

Vegan Life Loves – January 2022

Meat-Free Sausages & Thick-Cut Potato Wedges

It’s that time of year again

Apple & Vanilla Quick Soak Overnight Oats

Breakfast Blend

Paleo Pizza Biscuits

Broad Beans with Garlic & Olive Oil — Ful Mdammas

Blueberry Muffins

Buckwheat & Ginger Porridge

Buckwheat Pancakes

Fluffy Raspberry Tiramisu Pancakes

Quinoa Porridge

What I eat in a week – Andy Birch

5 easy swaps for ethical fashion seekers

Veganism should be the heart of plant-based


The Beauty Edit January 2022

the beauty edit January 2022

Vesta London Beauty

From journalist to animal saviour

Veganic gardening tips: Compost Veganic gardening tips: and leaf mould

Spicy Corn Soup with Shiitakes & Green Onions

Lazy Focaccia

Rigatoni with Corn Sauce & Sizzled Corn

Avocado & Tomato Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Spinach & Red Pepper Houmous Melts

Sage & Walnut Pâté

Mixed Veggie & Houmous Wrap

Chipotle & Black Bean Wrap

Pulled Jackfruit Wrap

Low and no-alcohol drinks

no-alcohol drinks

Top 5 vegan cooking tips

vegan cooking tips

Vegan families doing it together

vegan families

Veganuary – survival kit


Why do people go vegan?

Why do people go vegan?

Chocolate Chip Banana Oat Waffles

Oat Pancakes with Spiced Apples

Cinnamon Tahini Rolls

Cruelty-Free Fried ‘Chicken’

Cauliflower Nachos

Tofu Nuggets

Yorkshire Puddings

Dirty Vegan Döner Kebab with Oumph!

Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Plant Burger

Gratin Dauphinoise

Loaded Hot Dogs

Chocolate Lava Cake

5 tips to beat the January blues

January blues

Food in focus: citrus fruits

citrus fruits

Vegan Roundup January 2021

Vegan Roundup January 2021

Climate change anxiety and the art of storytelling

Climate change anxiety

Raw Pho

Raw Greek Salad Pizza


Raw Lasagne

Romanesco Carrot Salad

Cauliflower Tartare

Mini Chocolate Chestnut Cheesecakes

No-Bake Chocolate Orange Bars

Strawberry Cheesecake

Crumbs, creativity and cooking

creativity and cooking

It’s a vegan world – January 2022

vegan world

7 ways to…get into activism

get into activism

Is there a link between flooding and climate change?

flooding and climate change

Recycling dos and don’ts

Recycling dos and don'ts

This month’s founder: The Vegan Kind

The Vegan Kind

You like eating blood?

eating blood

Vegan Art: January 2022

Vegan Art

Cheese and crack-ers


Issue 79 January 2022