Man Beats Stage 4 Cancer With Aid Of Vegan Diet

Rob Mooberry was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2012, where doctors suggested he undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy in an effort to give him the best chance of survival. However, after one round of chemotherapy, Mooberry decided that pursuing a more holistic route was the option they wanted to try.

On diagnosis after being rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pains, it was discovered then how far it had spread around his body. Doctors pulled aside his now-wife Amanda and explained that there was an 8 per cent chance of survival. Following the recommended medical treatment, he then decided to try a new diet and lifestyle after researching methods, including a therapy used by a treatment centre in Tijuana, Mexico.

He said: “I needed to heal. That’s when I knew I needed to do anything to beat this cancer. I was really willing to try anything to save my life. That’s when I went hard-core, raw, vegan, superfoods.” The cancer had spread to his bowels, lymph nodes and liver which was helped by the chemotherapy and surgeries, the stage of his cancer was downgraded to 3A. It was after this that he took on the vegan diet, which then at a scan in 2013 it was discovered that his cancer had shrunk by nearly 80 per cent.

His story was tweeted by country star Tim Mcraw, which then picked up momentum across social media. Speaking to Daily Mail Online he admitted that he was overwhelmed at the reputation of being a vegan advocate. Rob said: “I’m not standing on my soap box saying everyone needs to go plant based and vegan. But if you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: this diet.”

He hopes that his story will encourage others to look at their diet and consider making changes to benefit their health for the future.

Please bear in mind that this news article is not medical advice and you should always speak to a doctor before making any changes to your diet if you have an existing condition.

Picture credit: Mucasamoo Foundation



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