How many animals could you save by going vegan?

The Vegan Society have launched a new web app for World Vegan Month. A fun interactive project, the ‘Veganalyser’ shows users how many animals they could save if they went vegan, as well as showing vegans how many animals they have already saved.

Over 30,000 people have engaged with it so far, many sharing their results with their friends and leaving comments like these:

“I’ve been vegan for 1 year and 3 months and I have saved 61 animals. Made my day” – Annette Febus

“Woohoo! Saved 678 animals!” – Nigel Braddock

“I love this little app! Just imagine if we could all save a few more lives, how much it could change the world.” – Lauren Hailstone

Ali Ryland, Web and Digital Communications Officer for The Vegan Society, said: “The Veganalyser is as accurate as we can get to measuring how many animals are slaughtered for our stomachs, or die an early death through our use of their reproductive organs. The Veganalyser documents this with images of the animals we’re harming through these practices. By seeing how many you could save in your lifetime, and seeing all these cute cows, sheep, pigs and more pop up on the screen, you’re really connecting with what’s really happening when you eat a lamb chop or drink some milk.”

The strength of this app is that it shows people that as individuals, we are not powerless. We can make a tangible difference to the world around us by making more compassionate dietary choices. By not buying meat, eggs and dairy we show these industries that demand for their products is going down, prompting them to reduce the number of animals they breed.

To put this into context, the Veganalyser shows that if a 15 year old chooses to stop eating animal products, over the course of their lifetime they could save the lives of over 3000 animals. In fact, this estimation is the very least number of animals a person could save. While analysing the statistics for the Veganalyser, which come from UN data, it became clear that there are many areas which are unaccounted for.

For example, in the egg industry male chicks are killed shortly after hatching. It’s unclear whether countries report on these figures or not, but it is likely that many go unreported. The same is true for the many unreported animals which are sold on the black market, and animals which are killed for clothing or sport.

So this World Vegan Month, why not try the Veganalyser yourself? We’re all familiar with that warm fuzzy feeling we get from doing a good deed to help someone else – imagine knowing that you were doing something positive every day to help the world around you, all through doing something so simple as changing your diet.

Credit: The London Economic


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