Meat is Murder: The Smiths Drummer in Row with M&S Over Gelatine in Percy Pig Sweets

Smiths drummer Mike Joyce didn’t always agree with Morrissey. But both members of the band are committed vegetarians after Mike took issue with M&S over its ‘Percy Pigs’ sweets.

Mike posted: “It came to my attention a few weeks ago while I was out shopping in Marks & Spencers that the sweet, ‘Percy Pigs’ they sell contains ‘pork gelatine’.

“I was told a short while after that M&S sell a veggie option without the pork gelatine.

“I know that a lot of sweet products and desserts contain some form of animal derivative but how many children know, or are made aware of the fact, that the Percy Pig sweet they are eating does in fact contain bits of Percy’s skin, bone, ligaments etc.

“I thought that it might be a cost issue and that it’s much cheaper than using the vegetarian thickening agent that M&S use in their veggie option. I decided to ask them.”

The popular sweet brand, often seen by checkout desks, is available in two varieties; with and without gelatine.

Mike tweeted: “I’ve see that the ‘Percy Pig’ sweets you sell have a veggie version. Why not make them all veggie? Can kids tell the difference? I also see that you don’t advertise the non veggie ones with, ‘contains real pigs’! I’m sure kids would rather eat a sweet called’ Percy Pig’ that didn’t contain bits of dead pig? Is it a cost issue that you sell both?”

M&S replied: “Thanks for getting back. So, M&S manufacture Percy Pig sweets that contain gelatine as a dietary option? Since when has having a sweet that contains pork gelatine a considered option in anyone’s diet? Especially children!

“I’m sure 100% of children wouldn’t eat a sweet that contains pork gelatine, IF….they knew it was in the product.

“I know it states clearly on the label that it does contain pork gelatine, but we both know that young children (never mind adults!) rarely consider the contents of a sweet. Phase out the Percy Pig product that contains Pork gelatine whilst continuing to sell the veggy option. Listen to what the consumer wants. Now wouldn’t that make M&S, ‘really proud?’”


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Credit: Manchester Evening News


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