Lynn is an inspirational vegan who is working her hardest to find a piece of land to open an animal sanctuary. She has a very distinct vision for Lotus, and Bohemian Hippy is providing her with the capital to do this by selling vegan merchandise including t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more.We talked to Lynn about the inspiration behind her sanctuary project, Lotus, the work that has gone into it so far and what still needs to be done.

Meet Lynn From Bohemian Hippy 1

How did you get into activism?

I was vegetarian from when I was a child — I just made that connection that the food on my plate was once the animals that I loved dearly.

Animal Aid was my first point of contact and the first organisation I was involved with; I did quite a bit with them, and then in the last few years became involved with things like the Earthlings Experience and I do a lot of stuff with the Save Movement.

Meet Lynn From Bohemian Hippy 2

You run Bohemian Hippy too, tell us about that.

First and foremost, 100 per cent of profit goes towards raising money towards the animal sanctuary [Lotus], so that’s what it’s there for. The Save Movement is happy to be affiliated with the sanctuary — when we do stalls, we have a variety of things that encourage people to come over, so we do have some of the Bohemian Hippy t-shirts there, and we also have food samples and footage that was taken at slaughterhouses.

What has the reaction to Bohemian Hippy been like?

It’s been absolutely overwhelming. Sometimes I wake up during the night and I feel quite anxious because it’s massive what I’m doing. I’ve taken on so many different projects, and I work with so many different areas. I think ‘what am I doing?’ It takes over your life, but I quickly put it all into perspective when I think about the animals — they have no choice, they’re in those trucks to go to the slaughterhouse and that’s it, there’s no way out for them.

There are a couple of drivers who are starting to work with us. Two of the drivers down south quit their jobs and one of them then wanted to become involved with helping animals as opposed to driving them to slaughter, so I suppose it’s massive, it really is helping, and taking that into a busy city centre and showing that footage is just so important.

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What is your vision for the sanctuary once it’s fully up and running?

I don’t want the sanctuary to be a little vegan bubble for a few people and a few animals there, I don’t really see the point in that. The vision is that the main part of it will be education — educating people about veganism and animal rights. My vision is to bring in groups of people, like school children, and we’ll be able to show screenings of film such as Cowspiracy and What The Health and use the iAnimal headsets.

There are people who want to do cookery and beauty classes, showing people the best things to do in those areas. It’s very much going to be a place for people and animals to heal, and I think the energy of the two will work together very well.

You can visit Lotus Animal Sanctuary here.

You can visit Bohemian Hippy here.

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