Mexico City To End Whale And Dolphin Shows

Mexico City Ends Whale And Dolphin Shows

The Mexico City Congress has voted in favour of a bill that will end marine mammal captivity in the capital.

The bill was passed under the Protection of Animals law and will prohibit the commercial exploitation of marine animals. This will include training for and performing in shows, swimming experiences and applies to all marine mammals, including dolphins and whales.

Parks and facilities located in Mexico City will have a six month period to remove their marine mammals to a sea pen or a sanctuary.

This is great news for marine mammals around the world. Forced into captivity, into tanks with no stimuli which differ significantly from their natural environment causes stress and anxiety to captive animals. Unnatural behaviours such as self-mutilation and aggression are commonly observed in marine mammals kept in captivity.

Earlier this year, France banned the breeding of killer whales and dolphins in captivity. We hope that this move by Mexico City will encourage other countries and organisations to put a stop to the exploitation of these beautiful animals.

This news follows our interview with Jonny Meah last month, the director of Inside the Tanks, about why he made the documentary, what he thinks about Marineland and what shocked him most about making Inside the Tanks.


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