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Camilla Gaillardin, co-founder of Milly and Sissy, chats to us about her sustainable beauty brand

milly and sissy

Tell us about Milly and Sissy.
Milly and Sissy are transforming personal care with a range of products encapsulating style, sustainability, durability and affordability. Committed to reducing waste in the bathroom this range of fabulous smelling hand, hair and body products are all vegan, cruelty-free, 99 percent natural, significantly reduced transport emissions (no water is transported, you add this at home) and zero-waste.

Sisters, Milly and Sissy are passionate about animals and our environment and hold these values core to this fabulous range of products which we're sure you'll agree, are the best in category for eco-friendly innovation!

Why was the company founded?
The company was founded to offer consumers an amazing, eco-friendly alternative to the products typically on offer in stores today.

What makes Milly and Sissy special?
Milly and Sissy are a small, female-led brand whose founders are passionate and dedicated to improving our environment and committed to animal welfare. Any products offered within the Milly and Sissy brand will always be vegan and cruelty-free and will always offer sustainable packaging options.

What are your hero products?
We absolutely love our hair and body washes. They are not only amazing to use but having hair and body combined in one product, it reduces the number of bottles needed! These are available in two fragrances which are suitable for both men and women; Candied Tangerine and Zesty lime.

Anything exciting in store for the future?
Ooh yes, we have some amazing new products coming up in the pipeline but of course, they're top secret!

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Milly & Sissy

Zero Waste Hair and Body Wash

The ultimate in beautiful aesthetics, sustainability, functionality and fabulously fragranced, this vegan Hair and Body Wash refill set offers the lot.


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