Mino Valley Animal Sanctuary Urgently Needs Donations to Save 200 Animals

Mino Valley Sanctuary in Spain is urgently requiring public donations in order to continue the vital work that they do, caring for almost 200 animals who have been rescued from horrific cruelty and abuse. The land that the sanctuary is on is up for sale and the only option is to purchase the land to avoid losing their home and the animals’ home. They have a maximum of 90 days to raise €70,000 and are over halfway there.

Abigail and Mikey Geer live onsite in a small leaking wooden cabin, devoting their lives to rescuing animals and giving them the love and care they deserve. There is no electricity and water source, no storage facilities or anywhere for volunteers to stay. This could all change once they purchase the land, and it will enable them to do what they need to the land to make it suitable for the permanency of the sanctuary.

You can read Abigail and Mikey’s story and contribute to their fundraiser here.


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