Moby’s Circle V Fest Puts Spotlight On Veganism and Animal Rights

Moby took to the stage in LA to headline the first Circle V Festival, a celebration of veganism and animal rights that raised $80,000 for Mercy for Animals. In between acts that included Cold Cove and Blaqk Audio, an electronic project from AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget, organisers joked about doing it next year with Morrissey headlining, then growing the year after to have the world’s most famous vegan musician, Paul McCartney, headline.

Even before he knew how much money was raised, Moby already considered the event a success and was on board for 2017. “Everything about it worked out, it happened, we were able to find a venue, we have Goldenvoice as our partner, we’re got all the vendors, we’ve got the speakers, we’ve got the food people, all the bands and DJs, so the very fact it workout out is great,” he says.

Playing for something he believes in is the only reason to consider touring in any form anymore. So he might relent on his no touring policy to take Circle V to other cities in the future. “That’s about the only thing that could get me to think of going on the road again, if it was in service of a cause that I cared about,” he says. “If it’s just another middle-aged musician going on tour for the thirtieth time, clearly that doesn’t need to happen, it’s happened enough for everybody.”

Credit: Forbes


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