Monami Frost Launching Vegan Beauty Box

Vegan Youtuber Monami Frost has teamed up with The Vegan Kind on a one-off beauty box. Frost has been working on multiple projects in the last few years, with her announcement of a vegan burger restaurant opening in Liverpool.

Frost shared the news in an Instagram post, announcing her excitement for the collaboration. Her box will be available for the October Beauty Box from The Vegan Kind website. The box will have £75 worth of vegan beauty products included.

TheVeganKind commented: “Our amazing October Beauty Box is in collaboration with the wonderful Monami Frost. We are so excited to share this incredible box, with a value of over £75 of vegan beauty treats.”

The box will cost £15 and can be ordered here.

Vegan Life caught up Monami Frost earlier this year, where we discussed all things vegan, her life story, her clothing brand and her iconic tattoos. You can read the full interview here.


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