Monami Frost to Open Vegan Burger Restaurant

Vegan YouTube personality Monami Frost has announced that she is opening a vegan restaurant in Liverpool. She shared the news about her new venture, Frost Burgers, on Instagram. She shared the news in a YouTube video, giving some more details about the restaurant.

In the Instagram post, she captioned it: “I can’t believe I can finally share this with you! Frost Burgers 100% plant based, coming soon to Liverpool, UK. Follow @frost.burgers to all the updates.” In her YouTube video, Frost shared her excitement about the project, saying: Today I am freakishly excited to finally be able to announce… the biggest, most craziest news… For the past year we have been working crazy hard on opening a burger place.”

An opening date for the restaurant has not been confirmed, as she spoke about complications with regulations and builders to be able to complete the project. She says in the video that they’re going to work as quickly as possible to get the restaurant open now thy have the keys after waiting for a year.

Frost Burgers is launching at a time where veganism is rising exponentially in the UK, with increasing options in supermarkets available for vegans, and restaurants are offering up more options to cater for the growing market.

Veganism has been a part of Frost’s life for four years, and in an interview with Vegan Life magazine, Frost said: “Once we learned more about what animals go through, we realised how important it is not to just eat plants but to fight for the animals and educate some people and help them open their eyes to the reality.

“Now I can say I am vegan for the animals. I am trying to be the voice for the voiceless. It can never be a personal choice is someone else’s life is on the line.”

Frost has her own streetwear line and vegan cookbook, with Frost burgers expanding on her passion and brand. You can read the full interview in Issue 36 of Vegan Life magazine.


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