Monkey Escapes And Peacock Dies At Woburn Zoo

The BBC has uncovered evidence that a Barbary macaque escaped from its enclosure at Woburn Safari Park three times in one day.

Central Bedforshire Council, which issues the zoo’s licence, received an anonymous letter detailing the monkey’s escape. The zoo has said that the escape poses no risks to visitors.

This follows an inspection in March which found that a peacock had starved to death as a result of a breakdown in communication. The peacock was placed in isolation and not fed as staff said they were unaware that it had been moved.

Environmental Health Officer Ben Salvatierra told the BBC: “I was concerned that the zoo failed to the report the escape albeit it was temporary, short-lived and remained within the confines of the zoo. As such, the zoo breached a licence condition by failing to report the matter within 24 hours.”

Woburn has yet to comment.



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