Morrison’s Announces the Arrival of their Vegan Pork Pie

The popular supermarket chain Morrison’s recently revealed its plans to launch the nation’s first vegan ‘no pork’ pie.

Traditional pork pies are made from a combination of pork, jelly and butter pastry, making them off-limits to vegans and vegetarians.

Recently, the superstore has been providing more vegan and vegetarian versions of classics, including the ‘Corn-ish’ pasty, vegan foot-long sausage roll, ‘No Chick-In’ Jalfrezi and No Moo-zerella dippers, all proving to be popular with vegans and non-vegans alike.

Morrison’s has been working on creating a plant-based alternative to this British favourite, striving to replicate the conventional pork pie with its meaty taste, crumbly pastry texture and historic appearance. Until now, this launch has been such a closely guarded secret, with only six of Morrisons staff knowing the recipe, although we can reveal that it is made from soya and pea protein.

Morrison's Announces the Arrival of their Vegan Pork Pie 1

The vegan pork pie, which is being launched by Morrisons ahead of the festive season.

Morrison’s pie buyer, Steven Halford, commented: “So many people across the UK are fond of eating a pork pie at Christmas. Our vegan and vegetarian customers previously couldn’t enjoy a pork pie but with our new meat-free product, they can enjoy a great-tasting alternative.”

Baked by experts at their pie shop counters and retailing at £1.75 each, or two for £3, the new additions are set to appear from the 9th December, just in time for the festive season.


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  1. s on July 16, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    do these Vegan Pork Pies or vegan pasties contain the nasty ingredient monosodium glutamate?

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