Morrisons Offering Coupons in Return for Plastic Bottles and Cans

UK supermarket Morrisons are offering coupons to shoppers in exchange for plastic bottles cans, to encourage recycling. The scheme works by offering customers Morrisons More points, or they can choose to donate 10p to CLIC Sargent cancer charity.

The recycling scheme allows customers to donate single-use plastic items, with the machines taking up to 20 bottles or cans per day. The machines will only accept items that have a barcode, or Morrisons own brand multipack bottles.

The scheme has been placed in a trial period at two stores – Skipton and Lindsayfield – where for six months; the retailer will be checking on feedback from customers and will decide whether to roll out the initiative further.

Group corporate services director, Andrew Clappen, said: “We want to play our part in making sure plastic bottles are collected and recycled. We’ll listen to customers as they use these machines.” However, some environmental campaigners believe that it only delays the inevitable with plastic still ending up in our oceans.

Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, said: “Conventional plastic can only be recycled a handful of times before it becomes completely useless. Do not be fooled – one bottle does not become another bottle.

“We need to dramatically reduce the use of plastic in food and drink and just turn of the plastic tap. We call on Morrisons to show leadership in this and introduce plastic free aisles throughout their stores to give their customers the choice to buy their groceries plastic free and therefore guilt free.”

Morrisons have recently reintroduced plastic bags to their fresh produce aisles, with single-use plastic bags phased out. The move was praised, with the retailer making efforts to reduce the reliance on plastic in everyday life.


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