Movie Icon Brigitte Bardot Continues Her Fight for the Animals

French pin up and Hollywood actress Brigitte Bardot may be famous for her acting talents and ravishing good looks, but the 1950’s movie star is more than ‘just a pretty face’, she also happens to be an outspoken, dedicated animal rights activist.

Despite now being in her 80’s, Bardot is still out there fighting for the voiceless, and this time, she has taken herself to meet the French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife – the aptly named Brigitte Macron.

Bardot voiced her concerns to the President, who she has described as having a ‘total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes’ due to his love of hunting and after he refused plans to install CCTV in slaughterhouse houses, which is a particularly touchy subject for Bardot as she is a member of Eurogroup For Animals in Brussels which campaigns for a strengthening of EU legislation on animal welfare.

Brigitte Bardot also has her own charity for animals called the Brigitte Bardot Foundation helping to shelter and neuter stray animals as well as rescuing animals that are victims of abuse. She is also involved in plenty of other animal charities involving herself in protests against seal hunting, the transport and slaughter of horses, vivisection, bullfights, industrial animal farms, hunting, the wearing of fur and Japanese whaling. She keeps in regular contact with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson and even has a Sea Shepherd boat named after her!

In March 2012, when was interviewed by Vanity Fair Magazine, she spoke about her compassion for animals as “It’s what I dreamed of…It’s what I always wanted.” When filming on movie sets back in the 1970’s she would often pick up stray animals, many destined for the slaughterhouse and she would sometimes even shelter them in her hotel rooms.

Although her movie days are over, Bardot is far from retired. She continues to tirelessly campaign for the voiceless, making her thoughts known whilst influencing those in power to make positive changes not just to benefit the animals but humans alike – let’s hope a few more follow in her fiery footsteps and continue the fight for justice.


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