Vegan Life talks to the founders of the Mr. Mo Project which has so far saved over 150 rescue dogs and given them a home


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Chris and Mariesa Hughes fight to save senior dogs across America, all thanks to one special senior named Moses


“When we first lost a foster, I said we couldn’t keep taking dogs that were going to die, but then I realized if we don’t take them, who will? If we hadn’t met Moses half of our hearts would be searching for something. He filled us up, brought us together, and gave us reason, hope and purpose.”


Surrendered to a shelter due to his age, Moses joined the Hughes family after being discovered through social media. 20 months later, he was diagnosed with an inoperable spinal cord tumour and sadly, he passed away after Chris and Mariesa had exhausted all non-surgical options.


The couple said: “We realized the cost associated with seniors and how unlikely it was that most people would be able to provide lifesaving treatments and diagnostics given the same situation.”


They developed the Mr. Mo project in his memory and have saved over 150 dogs so far. The Mr. Mo project relies heavily on donations and spends around $20,000 every month on veterinary costs for their 83 rescue dogs.


“We don’t receive grants or government assistance so we are always desperate for monetary donations. People can’t help what they don’t know and I admit that I was naïve to the fact that there was an epidemic of senior dogs in shelters until we dove head first into this rescue.”


As with any animal, it can be difficult to face the reality that they won’t live as long. “A lot of people are worried about losing a senior dog, it’s ok to be worried about it but the truth is, you’re going to lose any dog you rescue or adopt at some point, it’s the harsh reality that all dog lovers have to face. Chris and I hold them while we let them go, we whisper softly to them, we tell them how much they are loved, how brave they are, how special they are to us that they will never be forgotten.”


Their words of advice for anyone who is thinking of fostering or adopting a senior: “Do it! Senior dogs have a lot of life left to live, they aren’t damaged, they aren’t set in their ways, they adapt easily to your routines, they follow your lead, take your cues, they are usually housebroken, not destructive, and pretty easy going. They are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be loved, even just for a little while.”


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