MUA cosmetics to go 100 per cent vegan

Another beauty brand is going vegan



British cosmetics brand MUA has announced every product in its collection will be completely vegan from 1st November, the start of World Vegan Month.


The exciting news follows the brand’s promise announced earlier this year, of working towards the goal.  Since then, all new product launches throughout 2019 have been 100 per cent vegan, adding to an existing range of over 250 items, around 80 per cent of which were already vegan.


Existing core ranges have been reformulated throughout the year, meaning the beauty brand is now proud to fly the vegan flag for everything it sells.


MUA has also worked with vegan make-up artist Em-J on the looks for this year’s Christmas campaign.


‘Incredibly positive move’


Siobhan McCarthy, marketing director for MUA comments: “Working towards being 100 per cent vegan has always been our end goal and we’re thrilled that from 1st November all MUA products on sale will be there.”


“We have always had amazing support from our customer base with regards to our vegan credentials and we know this will be an incredibly positive move for the brand.”




Let’s hope that MUA’s announcement will sway more big beauty brands to jump on the vegan and cruelty-free bandwagon, and encourage more compassionate living.





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