A new film has been created to make non-vegans, specifically meat eaters, consider their dietary choices. As vegans, killing an animal for food simply isn’t an option, no matter who kills it, no animal is worth dying for the sake of food.

But, for the meat-eaters out there, could you kill an animal for your meal when faced with having to do it yourself? Forget the packaging on a supermarket shelf, the words written on a menu and food brought to you in a restaurant, the sheer reality of eating meat is highlighted in a new short film.

At Casa De Carne, a fictional restaurant in Last Chance for Animals latest campaign, Eric is faced with this very situation. By simply ordering the baby back ribs, he is then handed a knife, put in a room with his chosen ‘meal’, and asked to kill it.

When faced with this reality, Eric decides he’d rather pet the pig than kill it, the correct choice, right? But the chefs at Casa De Carne are insistent, with the next scene cutting to the plate of baby back ribs Eric ordered.

The message of the film advocates veganism in its simplest form – if you can’t bear to kill an animal, why continue eating meat? By forcing viewers to think about their relationship with animals, it makes them think about their dietary decisions.

In a world where meat is presented neatly packaged in plastic in shops, the actuality of how that food gets there is rarely at the forefront of shopper’s minds (except for vegans, of course).

Recognising animals are sentient beings enables us to make more informed choices, which is displayed clearly and simply in the film.

The film won the Tarshis Shot Film Award at the Animal Film Festival 2019. The Animal Film Festival is held in collaboration with the Tarshis Foundation, showcasing animal welfare issues through short films, documentaries and feature length films.



  1. tucker on February 23, 2019 at 11:36 am

    OK – get the message – now ho are you going to stop carnivores in the wild from eating other animals? The vegans have a lot of work to do. I mean those really bad lions wolves tigers etc!

    • Vegan on October 23, 2020 at 5:21 am

      Wolves & tigers, HAVE to kill to eat, they don’t have a choice, humans do. The guy in the film, could have just went to a Veggie Grill restaurant, & been fine. There’s nothing unethical, about plant based eating. It’s why parents take their kids apple picking, but they don’t take them to a slaughterhouse to pick out a cow to be slaughtered, so they can have burgers that night. Humans, have food choices, why chose the cruel animal corpse burger over a humane plant based one, if you don’t have to? Why even eat burgers at all? If you did deeper, the animal ag business exists solely for greed. Why do you think they subsidize, then mandate bovine milk to be served to all kids in public schools, or government licensed child care facilities? 1. to create an artificial inflated, perpetual demand. 2. to get every generation of kids to feel it’s required, so they become live long buyers of it. Look in nature, do you see any adult mammal trying to drink the milk of a completely different species on a daily basis, or at all? No you don’t, because no mammal, including humans, needs milk after weaning. That’s the point of weaning.

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