New Bill Aims to End Animal Testing for Cosmetics in Colombia

A new bill which seeks to end testing on animals for cosmetics will be presented in the Colombian Congress on Wednesday 29th August. Backed by Animal Defenders International (ADI), the ban would see Colombia join 40 countries around the world that already have similar bans in place.

Jan Creamer, president of ADI, said: “Colombia is taking its first steps to becoming a leader in Latin America and banning cosmetics testing on animals. With advanced alternatives available and already in use around the world, this historic bull should pass at the earliest opportunity.”

New legislation would see that alternative methods are used to test cosmetic products and their ingredients, whether they are imported or manufactured in the country. It is expected to be enforced 12 months after the bill passes.

Juan Carlos Losada, House Representative and author of the bill, said: “The main purpose of the bill is to stop animal suffering in the cosmetics industry and enable Colombian companies to enter the European market, a region that has for years rejected such tests.”

Cosmetics tests are banned in the UK, India, Israel, New Zealand and the EU. In the US, the Humane Cosmetics Act aims to phase out animal testing, with some states having banned the practice already.

ADI are urging the Colombian Congress to take the lead and become the first country in Latin America to adopt a ban on cosmetics testing.

Animal testing for cosmetics practices toxicity tests to observe long-term effects, and animals are forced to inhale products, forcefully ingested, applied to their skin or put in their eyes. These tests provide unreliable data and alternative methods provide data that is consistent, and doesn’t cause harm to animals.


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