New Evidence: Animal Agriculture is WORSE than oil production

A recent report into animal agriculture and how significant it is to climate change, has revealed that raising livestock is more detrimental to the environment than producing and using oil for transport.

Although to many of us this may seem like old news, and “but you drive a car” is the typical phrase meat eaters say to vegans when they try and justify why they are not vegan. However,  we can now whole heartedly say that actually no, your meat consumption is more detrimental to the environment than my car.

The study was carried out by a few organisations including The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and GRAIN, who have published a joint and one of a kind report entitled ‘How big meat and dairy are heating up the planet’. The report outlines the threat that global meat production poses on our environment and how unsustainable the meat industry really is.

The report states that “Together, the world’s top five meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more annual greenhouse gas emissions than Exxon, Shell or BP…By 2050, we must reduce global emissions by 38 billion tons to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. If all other sectors follow that path while the meat and dairy industry’s growth continues as projected, the livestock sector could eat up 80% of the allowable GHG (greenhouse gases) budget in just 32 years”.

The report has also suggested that so far, the meat and dairy industries have come under very little scrutiny and need to be held to account for the devastating effect they are having on our environment.

The oil industry can no longer be blamed entirely for their contributions to global warming and more needs to be done to educate people on the impact their meat and dairy consumption has on climate change.



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