Around the world we are seeing a rise in plant-based diets, with veganism soaring as a trend and lifestyle choice in the UK.

Supermarkets are adapting to this change rapidly and are constantly adding vegan-friendly products to their shelves with new products being introduced constantly, particularly on the fake meat front;

Iceland have recently started selling their very popular No Bull Burgers, Tesco’s launched a plant-based steak made by the Netherlands-based company Vivera selling a little under 40,000 of the meat-free steaks in it’s launch week, and now Sainsbury’s are joining in with the fake meat movement by announcing they will be introducing a vegan-friendly range to their supermarket shelves that will be going on sale at the end of this month.

Sainsburys will be trialing in 400 of it’s stores the realistic looking mince and burger range that is manufactured by a Danish company called Naturli, who as a company have been working on developing plant-based foods since 1988.

They use GMO free soy in their products and their packaging is made using 50% recycled plastic, which they say is ‘a step towards more sustainable packaging’.

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