New Start-Up Provides Formula to Help Save Bees

A new start-up, BeeFlow, has started to provide a formula that helps to save bees, and prevent the loss of bee populations. Honeybees and other species of bees are crucial for successful crop pollination, and in turn, feed the human population.

In North America, pollinators allow 90 per cent of commercially grown crops, and honeybess account for $15 billion to the economy. Founded by Mathías Viel (CEO), Pedro Negri PhD and Agustín Saez PhD, researchers with seven years of expert knowledge on bee pollination and bee health, BeeFlow “want to create a positive impact in sustainable food production.”

The solution offered by BeeFlow is to help with colony collapse disorder, where bee populations are dying off. The two formulas used to help bees has not been revealed, however Viel believes that their work could be ground-breaking. One of the formulas contains an organic compound that aids bee health and boosts their immune system, and all of the formulas contain natural ingredients.

Speaking to CGTN, Viel said: “In 2016 USA has recorded that 44 per cent of the bee population has been lost because of low temperatures and because bees were exposed to pesticides that decrease their immune system. The immune system of the bees is affecting their behaviour while pollinating crops. We started feeding bees with this technology to develop stronger bees that can work under low temperatures.”

BeeFlow have already been carrying out tests using the formulas, with an increase in crop yield from 20 to 90 per cent. As a consequence, the bees health and crop yield are improving. Recently, the EU banned the use of some pesticides, which you can read about here.


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