New Vegan Beauty Box Launches in the UK

A new vegan beauty subscription box service has launched in the UK, amid the rise in demand for cruelty-free beauty products. Subscription services are a great way for beauty lovers to get a selection of products each month, with companies tailoring boxes to the customer’s needs. However, many of these boxes aren’t vegan, but the market is changing.

Kindlook are one of the few companies offering wholly vegan products in their boxes, at only £23.99 per box, with the contents valued at £70. The boxes include high-end brands, such as Kat Von D and Urban Decay, alongside smaller brands such as PHB Ethical Beauty.

Listing their reasons why they are providing vegan beauty products, they also educate people with what happens to animals used for cosmetics testing. The company writes: “We understand, it’s difficult to go vegan and cruelty-free with your make up and beauty routine, but KindLook is here to help you on your journey by offering high quality vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, delivered every month for a fraction of the cost.

“The UK banned testing on animals for cosmetic purposes in 1998; however the issue we found is that it does still occur in other parts of the world, so many brands sold in the UK are still testing on animals abroad.”

Vegan cosmetics and beauty can often be a landmine when shopping on the high-street, as some brands may use different names for animal derived ingredients, and cruelty-free doesn’t immediately mean something is vegan.

Vegan beauty boxes are becoming more popular across the UK; with beauty box giant Glossybox launching a limited edition box. Other vegan beauty boxes available in the UK include The Vegan Kind’s beauty box, The Pip Box, Petit Vour and The Cruelty Free Beauty Box.


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