A new vegan brand is going to be launching into Sainsbury’s stores around the UK. The Irish brand creates vegetarian and vegan food, with health and the environment at the forefront of their brand.

The company uses natural ingredients to create their child food range, which includes burgers and vegetable-based bites.

The addition of the range to Sainsbury’s shelves is set for May, just in time for the start of the BBQ season. Curried cauliflower burgers, beetroot and kale burgers and a garden vegetable burger are amongst their products.

EDEN also makes bite-sized versions of the beetroot and kale burger, making them the ideal side dish.

Sainsbury’s will also be stocking the brand’s vegan sausages, which are made using soya and wheat protein and are flavoured with different spices.

Leigh Carr, marketing manager at EDEN said: “The launch of the EDEN range originated from creating vegetarian and vegan meals that are better tasting, natural and convenient for busy lives.

“Using only natural, wholesome and sustainably sourced ingredients, the EDEN range is steamed rather than fried to ensure a flavoursome, honest and better-tasting meal option for all.”

The range is launching into Sainsbury’s on 15th May, 2019.


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