New Vegan-Friendly Fruit Pastilles Will Have Your Taste Buds Tingling

New Vegan-Friendly Fruit Pastilles Will Have Your Taste Buds Tingling

Rowntree’s bring out new vegan-friendly fruit pastilles


vegan-friendly fruit pastilles


Today, Nestlé announced a new addition to its vegan-friendly fruit pastilles range with Rowntree’s, that will have sweet-loving vegans very excited.


New Dessert Pastilles come in four zingy flavours – mango sorbet, blueberry pie, cherry Bakewell and apple crumble.


The vegan-friendly fruit pastilles are available in 139g sharing bags, at a price of £1.29.


Similar to the rest of the range, Dessert Pastilles are vegan-friendly. Nestlé brought in the new recipe last year after trialling over 30 different creations in order to remove the gelatine while retaining the sweets’ iconic chew.



‘Incredible Response’

In a statement sent to Vegan Life, Meg Miller, Brand Manager for Rowntree’s said: “There has been an incredible response to our slightly softer, vegan-friendly Fruit Pastilles and we’re delighted consumers agree that the chew remains as fabulously fruity as ever.”


“Now, we are introducing an innovative twist on our classic pastilles with four on-trend flavours that evoke the taste of some of the nation’s best loved puddings.”


“Our technicians had a lot of fun creating Dessert Pastilles, and we think they have done an amazing job. We hope consumers love them as much as we do!”


You will be able to find the new vegan-friendly Dessert Pastilles across the UK and Ireland from the start of February. They will be stocked in most major retailers and convenience stores.





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