New Vegan Self-Tanning Water Available in UK Shops

A new vegan self-tanning water is available in UK shops, changing the way that people use self-tanning products. A review on Vogue UK described the product as leaving “a glow that didn’t smell, hadn’t streaked and left me feeling devastatingly glowy.”

The brand, Isle of Paradise also makes self-tanning drops, which are used for the face with moisturiser to give a subtle glow. The process of using the self-tanning water, however, is the same as using any other regular tanning product. Spritz the product over freshly exfoliated and moisturised skin, and blend it in with a mitt.

Writer of the review Naomi Pike, who is the editor of Miss Vogue and social media manager of British Vogue, said the product passed the ‘mum test’. In the review she writes: “A weekend spent at home went by without my mum once asking me about my orange streaks or having a chuckle about the colour collecting around the rings on my fingers. Neither were present.”

The Isle of Paradise self-tanning water and drops are available at Boots, and are vegan and cruelty-free.


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